Is Salehoo A Great Resource for Sales People in the Making?

SaleHoo screenshotHere is a great stay-at-home business idea: make wholesale deals and become an eBay dealer. Sell stuff through Amazon. Earn money by clicking items on a catalog and storing things in your empty bedroom. Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not, and SaleHoo has been helping people achieve the dream for over a decade.

Business Premise for Anyone

Did you ever wonder who sold the goods you buy on eBay? Were you ever curious if these were burgeoning business people who would one day run major corporations; CEOs in training? It turns out that most of them are ordinary people like you, some of the school teachers, some stay-at-home parents, and many with other jobs unrelated to sales. They only share in common a dream of earning a bit more cash using the internet for e-commerce.

Who are the People Behind Salehoo?

A couple of guys from New Zealand got the idea to help others figure out how to find wholesalers and build businesses of their own. Friends and acquaintances kept asking, so it seemed reasonable to set up a business on the basis of what they were learning and using in their own efforts to turn wholesale savings into retail earnings. In a depressed economy, people were becoming creative and looking for a way to compete. This was also a heyday for scammers taking advantage of desperate individuals. How could anyone tell which was the legitimate business? It was easy to lose out to fraudulent “wholesalers” who took clients’ money without delivering any goods. These people needed someone to vet wholesale businesses for them.

SaleHoo products examples screenshotAccording to the site, the team researched what are supposed to be wholesale dealerships in every area of commerce such as pet accessories, clothing, jewelry, and electronic gadgets from hundreds of brands. Today, their results form a catalogue full of pertinent details would-be e-commerce vendors can use to make smart decisions. They provide another service too: market research. It’s not just enough to know whom to approach; what should you be selling? Membership at the site provides the inside scoop.

High Profit, Low Cost Arrangements With Salehoo

What do retailers do? They buy stuff for low cost and sell it at a profit. Margins can be pretty high, but that is up to you. SaleHoo does not set the profit margin but they help you to explore realistic pricing so you earn a fair wage and also make appealing, fair deals with customers. The website appears to start with a gimmick, showing how members can make 300% or more on a bulk purchase of items sold at a far higher rate and indicate that lots of people are currently doing this, earning 5 and possibly 6-figure yearly income. It’s how a lot of the sellers on eBay and other online sales sites got started.

While this is a great way to source products, you must be careful in your approach. As is the case anywhere, if you choose the wrong items at poor prices and you could also end up breaking even or going into debt, stocking items in your shelves that you can’t sell. There are 8,000 wholesalers to choose from: choosing one company and a product to sell takes a bit of work, but the functions within the site have done the sorting for you. It’s not necessary to develop a product of your own or take a risk on your nephew’s invention, buying into his new company to sell a toy or game simply because you’re related. Buy and sell things you have no vested interest in from countries on the other side of the world.

No Need for Business Skills

Most of the consumers-turned-retailers working with SaleHoo probably are not business people. They have some idea of what they want to do, possess savvy, determination, and a willingness to learn. At least that’s true of the successful ones. Part of membership involves teaching clients how to understand the world of business and providing support too. Don’t worry if you are new to entrepreneurial activities. A simple desire to learn and to apply the learning yourself is a good place to start. No one said you wouldn’t work; but with SaleHoo you can be the boss and hire employees or do it alone.

Making the Right Connections – Salehoo Reviews Explains

How do you know which companies to approach with your wholesale requests? SaleHoo publishes a catalog of companies available to members. This catalog is not merely an alphabetical list because that would be ridiculous. Who wants to scroll through 8,000+ companies? What you really need are filters, and SaleHoo offers those.

Wholesale companies are listed according to the number of years they have been in business, where they ship to, their location, and the sorts of things they sell. Are you interested in selling clothing? Make this known in the filter. Do you want to set a small minimum order? Find out what you can get away with. Search for electronics or toys, certain brands, shipping terms such as whether or not they ship internationally, and more. What you’ll discover inside the membership is the company’s name, how long it has been in operation, where it is located, contact details, and how long there has been a relationship with New Zealand’s SaleHoo. Information is clear and succinct with a little bio of the company and description of what they carry.

Reviews Of Profitable Products With Salehoo

How are you supposed to know which of these items to consider selling? Your membership includes the results of sales research which shows you the items that are hot but also the ones for which there is already enough competition. Learn, instead, which niche has room to grow and which offers you the potential to fill a consumer need that is not being met just now. Without this tool, you might be lagging behind in the trend department and inclined to sell what you like, not what clients want. That is fine, but then you would not need SaleHoo. This would be a far more personal matter in which you would not be as interested in profit as in selling custom designs made by your best friend.

The site’s market research tool uses graphics that are easy to follow and they write details using common sense language, not economic jargon. You are not expected to read an economic treatise or write an essay in 5,000 words or less to qualify. Anyone can qualify for SaleHoo membership and all of the information that goes with it.

Pay No Money Now

Usually, the potential retailer must be able to pay for items up front. They buy a certain amount to have them shipped. Warehousing is up to the client plus shipping arrangements to clients. There is another option, however: dropshipping. Find out which firms will work this way. Dropshipping enables you to make a deal to order items as customers place their orders to you. The customer pays, you arrange delivery directly from Dropshipper without storing goods, and continue to do this until you have made enough profit to afford to arrange a conventional wholesale order you can store and ship independently. You don’t make as much profit as there are fees and you can’t place such high-volume orders as otherwise. This is a risk-free way to get started, though, and to learn the way retail distribution and e-commerce work.

Sign Up With Salehoo Today for Support

SaleHoo sets up a novel concept; something that really does allow ordinary people with very little business acumen to learn, earn, and even do very well for themselves. The company provides training, one-on-one support, and a huge selection of choices. Their support team is based in Christchurch, but wholesalers come from around the world. They are based in the United States, Asia, India, etc. Get ideas from one of almost 30 staff members and connect with the 100,000+ businesses and individuals currently supported by SaleHoo on the forum. Membership costs just $67 annually, so it’s not burdensome to become a part of this award-winning community.

Thoughts on SaleHoo’s Presentation

At first I was skeptical and also unsure: who are these people and what are they selling? The start of their presentation was far too promotional for me personally and full of what I originally thought were exaggerated claims. Consequently, at first I would have been tempted to leave their page if not for that fact that I was researching for this review. While reading through their site, however, I realized this was more than hype but a proven means of helping consumers become sellers by teaching them business and online sales techniques for a low price. SaleHoo is a facilitator, not a dealer; a teacher, not a retailer. Their concept is extremely clever.

CEO and co-founder Simon Slade indeed found his own intelligent niche in order to create a relatively small but continually growing online company which is doing more than getting by but appears to be thriving. If two men can build a business that now employs 29 men and women, it is possible that one of their members will also develop an idea which fills a niche and launches them from SaleHoo membership to becoming CEOs of their own companies. If nothing else, one can realistically imagine earning a solid living out of turning wholesale savings into retail profit with the help of this team from New Zealand and a small yearly outlay in payment for their services. One day you won’t need them, but by that time you will have developed a wholesale relationship with a company that you are comfortable with and that works for you. I would recommend their services to anyone with business aspirations.

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